The recruitment process takes time, especially when more employees are needed. The best solution is then to use the services of a professional employment agency that will find the perfect candidates for you. During this time, you will be able to devote yourself to what is most important – that is, running your business.

We will take care of the rest, i.e. recruiting employees who meet the company’s needs. Thanks to our experience in recruiting people from various industries: from production and construction to healthcare, we are able to find the perfect employee in a short time. We provide help and substantive support at every stage, also after the end of cooperation – because we care about long-term relationships.

Any employer who is looking for employees can become a client of the Eastgate Recruitment employment agency. Regardless of whether they are to be bricklayers, car mechanics, welders, electricians or specialists, e.g. from the IT industry or healthcare (doctors, carers and nurses) – we will find the right employees for you. Contact us to find out more.